This institute known as Meditation and Mind control institute teaches and trains for meditation and mind control. Mind control is the essence for success in life for everyone. Happiness is essential for success and to be successful forever.

To be the most wealthiest person in the world is quite different from being a successful person , because it has been proven that wealth alone does not bring happiness. Most of the wealthiest persons may not be successful in life, meaning not reaping the utmost happiness in living.

Success is the result of all round happiness. The ability to interact and build good relationship with all living beings from friends to foes, from relatives to robots, having good family and marital relationship, having a loving family, having obedient children, having friendly relationship at workplace, having inner purity, imparting inner purity to all around us, combining with modern life with its culture and values are the most important points for success.

This institute seeks to develop success in all spheres through mind control for which one of the basic tool is meditation apart from others. The institute would train people in various forms of meditation for effectively controlling their mind.

Further training would be imparted to overcome fear, worry, stress, strain and develop a healthy habit for overall success.

Training would also be given for communication skills, and leadership development.


A Separate program for Reiki in all 5 levels up to Grandmasters level, and Self healing /Distant healing/ family marriage counselling for men is taught.

Duration depends on each level and can be verified on contact. You may call for Fees or Charges and for appointment.

An exclusive separate REIKI programme for Women alone in all 5 levels of Reiki upto Grandmaster level, distant healing, and family/marriage.


Email: meditationandmindcontrol
Mobile: 9840177092 / 9500013932.